Research Group: a State of Body and Mind Investigation (SBMI)

Dr.Theerasak Chanwimalueang

Fields of Interest

     • Digital signal processing, Biomedical signal and imaging processing

     • Medical instruments (X-ray, CT, MRI, ECG, EEG, Physiological signals)

     • Nonlinear nonstationary signal decomposition

      • Microcontrollers, microprocessors, Interfacing, embedded systems

     Complexity science, entropy measures and nonlinear analysis

      • Heart rate variability analysis, a state of body and mind

Illustration of Research Projects Conducted and Supervised by Dr.Theerasak Chanwimalueang

Published Peer-reviewed Journals

[1] Tantisatirapong, S., Puttapirat, P., Senavongse, W., Chanwimalueang, T. “The design of cognitive training games for the thai elderly”,  ECTI Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications [Q4, Y2021], 2021, 19(3), pp. 289–297. 

[2] Tricia Adjei, Wilhelm Von Rosenberg, Takashi Nakamura, Theerasak Chanwimalueang and Danilo P. Mandic, The ClassA Framework: HRV Based Assessment of SNS and PNS Dynamics Without LF-HF Controversies, Frontiers in Physiology [Q2], vol 10, 505, p1-15, 2019.

[3] Bo Wu, Yangde Gao, Songlin Feng and Theerasak Chanwimalueang, “Sparse Optimistic Based on Lasso-LSQR and Minimum Entropy De-Convolution with FARIMA for the Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Machinery”. Entropy [Q2], 20, 747, 2018.

[4] T. Chanwimalueang and Danilo P. Mandic, “Cosine Similarity Entropy: Self-CorrelationBased Complexity Analysis of Dynamical Systems”. Entropy [Q2, Impact Factor: 1.821] ,2017, 19, 652.

[5] T. Chanwimalueang, L. Aufegger, T. Adjei, D. Wasley, C. Cruder, D. P. Mandic, and A. Williamon, “Stage call: Cardiovascular reactivity to audition stress in musicians,” PLOS ONE [Q1, Impact Factor: 2.806], vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 1-14, 2017.

[6] A. Hemakom, T. Chanwimalueang, A. C. Garci´a, L. Aufegger, A. G. Constantinides, and D. P. Mandic, “Financial stress through complexity science,” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing [Q1, Impact factor: 5.301], vol. 10, no. 6, pp. 1112-1126, 2016.

[7] M. U. Ahmed, T. Chanwimalueang, S. Thyyil, and D. P. Mandic, “A Multivariate Multiscale Fuzzy Entropy Algorithm with Application to Uterine EMG Complexity Analysis,” Entropy [Q2, Impact Factor: 1.821], vol. 19, no. 1(2), pp. 1-18, 2016.

[8] W. Von Rosenberg, T. Chanwimalueang, V. Goverdovsky, D. Looney, D. Sharp, D. P. Mandic, “Smart helmet: Wearable multichannel ECG and EEG,” IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine [Q2, impact factor: N/A], vol. 4, pp. 1-11, 2016.

[9] W. Von Rosenberg, T. Chanwimalueang, A. Tricia, J. Usman, V. Goverdovsky, D. P. Mandic, “Resolving ambiguities in the LF/HF ratio: LF-HF scatter plots for the categorization of mental and physical stress from HRV,” Frontiers in Physiology [Q1, Impact Factor: 4.134], vol. 8, no. 360, pp. 1-12, 2017.

[10] W. Von Rosenberg, T. Chanwimalueang, V. Goverdovsky, N. S. Peters, C. Papavassiliou, D. P. Mandic, “Hearables: feasibility of recording cardiac rhythms from head and in-ear locations,” Royal Society Open Science [N/A, Impact Factor: 2.243], 2017 vol.4, no. 11, pp.1-13, 2017.

[11] Y. Tonoyan, T. Chanwimalueang, D.P. Mandic, M.M. Van Hulle, “Discrimination of emotional states from scalp- and intracranial EEG using multiscale Rényi entropy,” PLOS ONE [Q1, Impact Factor: 2.806], vol 12, no. 11: e0186916.

Selected Published Conference Proceedings 

[1] T. Chanwimalueang, W. von Rosenberg, and D. P. Mandic, “Enabling Rpeak Detection in Wearable ECG: Combining Matched Filtering and Hilbert Transform,” In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP 2015), pp. 134-138, 2015.

[2] T. Chanwimalueang, L. Aufegger, W. von Rosenberg, and D. P. Mandic, “Modelling stress in public speaking: Evolution of stress levels during conference presentations,” In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2016)," pp. 1-18, 2016.

[3] T. Chanwimalueang, V. Jantanayingyong, C. Pintavirooj, M.Sangworasil “Apply 3-D Model Reconstruction in Small-Sized Computed Tomography with Rotating Gantry,” In Proceedings of the Biomedical Engineering International Conference (BMEiCON 2010), 27- 28 Aug 2010, Kyoto Japan.

[4] T. Chanwimalueang, Direk Sueaseenak, Chaleeya Praliwanon, Manus Sangworasil, Chuchart Pintavirooj, “An Eigen Based Feature on Time-Frequency Representation of EMG,” In Proceedings of the International Conference on Research, Innovation and Vision for the Future (RIVF 2009), Da Nang City Veit Nam 13-17 Jul, 2009.

[5] T. Chanwimalueang , M. Sangworasil and C. Pintavirooj, “Experimental Investigation of Arbitrary-Oreintation Conebeam X-ray Tomography”, World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2006 (WC 2006), August 27-September 1 2006, COEX Seoul Korea.

[6] T. Chanwimalueang, Y.Pititherapad, M. Sangworasil, C. Pintavirooj and P. Tosranon, “Miniature Computed Tomography Application in 3D Modeling with Conebeam Geometry” , International Conference On Biomedical Engineering 2005 (ICBME 2005), 7 – 10 December 2005, Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore.

[7] A. C. Garci´a, T. Chanwimalueang, G. G. Calvi , A. Hemakom, R. M. Ric´os, and D. P. Mandic, “Modelling economic stress through financial systemic balance index,” In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP 2016), pp. 565{569, 2016.

[8] W. von Rosenberg, T. Chanwimalueang, D. Looney, and D. P. Mandic, “Vital signs from inside a helmet: A multichannel face-lead study,” In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2015)," pp. 982-986, 2015.

[9] W. Von Rosenberg, T. Chanwimalueang, V. Goverdovsky, D. P. Mandic, “Smart helmet: Monitoring brain, cardiac and respiratory activity,” In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2015), pp. 1829-1832, 2015.

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